Thursday, January 13, 2011

School today was utterly boring. We finally started back, but I was about 30 minutes late to class. I really was expecting a delay or something. School was quite boring today. I was unmercifully tired all day, so trying to complete class work was a pain. French 3 is already filled with wordswordswords I need to remember! Eeeek, can't start off bad.
Tomorrow I'm hanging out with the lovely Christie to shop & have dinner. What a great day. I miss her so much since we no longer have classes together :(
Oh! I just checked the order status of one of my packages, uh apparently I chose 50-90 day shipping...what the heck! That was NOT in the fine print -_- Looks like I'll be getting a "surprise" package in March.

Let's just say, if nails like these were actually humanly & physically possible to maintain for a period of more than 24 hours, I'd do it.
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But for now I can stick with this marvelous Happy Birthday Nail Polish from Fred Flare.
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Speaking of marvelous colors, check out these skates I spotted from Urban Outfitters. Zomg! They also have a baby pink & purple color available.
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  1. Those nails are amazing! But you're right they'd be impossible to wear haha =D Your nail polish looks really nice though, I'd love to see it on.

  2. omg your nails are fucking awesome! a friend of mine used to do that too but her nails turned yellow haha, she always had those plastic cupcakes on her nails ;p The glittery polish is very cool!


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